From Heidi to Our Wayzata District:

” This has been an incredible moment for our community. I’ve seen Wayzata be activated before, but nothing like yesterday. I am absolutely humbled by the turnout. I have so many people to thank – for your support, for hosting signs, for advice, kind words, listening to me, for opening your doors, for telling me your stories, and FOR VOTING. I am proud of the independent campaign that I’ve run and am ready for the work that starts immediately. Thank you for showing up Wayzata!!”


Congratulations to the New and Returning WPS Board Directors!

As a proud graduate of Wayzata Public Schools and mom of three Wayzata kids, I’ve been hard at work in our community at large for 18 years and in our school district for 8 years. I’m intentional, collaborative, and will always be in your corner. I’ve lived and breathed the unique tradition of Wayzata Schools and am committed to continuing and improving it together! I hope to earn your vote! Learn More About Me

Heidi’s Priorities for Wayzata

  1. Pandemic Recovery and Learning Loss
  2. Safety in Our Schools
  3. Impact of New School Boundaries
  4. Healthy Eating and Access to Quality Food
  5. Creating a Unified Experience for Each Wayzata Student

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