Q&A with Heidi

Masking in Schools

I’ll start with my goal here – to create an environment with the least interruptions to in-person learning. No one tool is enough to mitigate the risk of spread in our schools, so I whole-heartedly advocate for the layering of these tools (good hand hygiene, masking, good air flow, distancing, reducing community spread). All of which is in line with what the MDH and the CDC have set forth. 
I agree with the district’s decision to implement universal masking for all students at this point in the pandemic – as a part of a comprehensive plan. I agree with it not only because I believe that masking is a valid way to have respiratory protection, but also because it’s a strategic way to keep kids in class. Let me explain the second piece – masking allows the schools to limit quarantining of students in many cases. If students are masked, only close contacts when unmasked are considered exposures. (Note – this tells us that the MDH has determined masking to be an effective tool.) This massively reduces the risk of entire classrooms or grades having to quarantine. The recommendations on quarantining are from the MDH and the district is following them. So in my view, it was prudent for the district to create a policy that gave students a fighting chance to stay in class. Let’s continue to shift the conversation from ‘should we mask’ to ‘which masks work best’. (Note – for families with kids that have medical or developmental exemptions from masking, I’m continue to learn as much as I can on this, and it would be great to hear your perspective.)


Vaccines work. Anyone eligible should get their covid vaccine. And – I encourage you to check in with your MD and your kids’ pediatrician to make sure your family is up to date on all other vaccines. (There are individuals who are subject to medical exemptions for vaccines. Always consult with your physician for your specific situation.)

Wayzata School Board Meeting – Heidi Kader Letter

Read Heidi’s letter to the Wayzata School Board below. This letter was read aloud on August 9, 2021:

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