Why Heidi Kader?

Watch Heidi Kader discuss her priorities for Wayzata during the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum (Click image below):

LWV – WPS Candidate Forum 2021 (Click Here to Watch)

Heidi’s Priorities for Wayzata
  1. Pandemic Recovery and Learning Loss
  2. Safety in Our Schools
  3. Impact of New School Boundaries
  4. Healthy Eating and Access to Quality Food
  5. Creating a Unified Experience for Each Wayzata Student

“We have an Incredible Opportunity to Harness the Learnings of this Pandemic Year.”

– Heidi Kader, candidate for Wayzata School Board
  1. Pandemic recovery and learning loss – the road to recovery after this difficult year will not be easy. We have an incredible opportunity to harness the learnings from this pandemic year. We can become stronger, more resilient and forward thinking if we are intentional about it. I’d like to focus on:
    • Supporting the long term mental health recovery of our students
    • Helping our students get to a good place academically
    • Reducing teacher burnout
    • Implementing simple measures in our schools and communities empowering us to keep our schools healthy and open
  2. Safety in Our Schools – I’m not the only one who sends my kids off to school with kiss and a prayer for their safe return. It’s time to face this epidemic of in-school violence head on. I’d like to work directly with local experts, and benchmark with our neighboring districts to find a violence prevention program that works for Wayzata students.
  3. Impact of New School Boundaries – Changes to school boundaries are always tough! New census data along with city development requires the district to think about more space for students. Let’s do this in the most thoughtful way to reduce any disruption to families and students – making sure that each Wayzata School remains a neighborhood school.
  4. Healthy Eating and Access to Quality Food – Food is not just food. Nutrition and access to it impacts how students learn, feel and behave at school. I aim to continue making healthy food access for all our students a priority, find ways to address the holistic nature of nutrition and eating, and how these things are integrated in their day.
  5. Creating a Unified Experience for Each Wayzata Student – I am committed to bringing the best of Wayzata to every student regardless of which doors you walk through in the morning. So much has been done to unify the academic experience of students, but education is not just the academics. And, the achievement gap is still serious. Let’s find ways to close the gaps that exist. Every Wayzata student should have confidence that he/she/they is equally valued.

Why Vote for Heidi?

“Serving my community is my Way of Life. Aside from my WPS volunteerism, I’ve been hard at work in the community for the past 18 Years.”

– Heidi Kader, candidate for Wayzata School Board
  1. Because Public Health is a priority in Wayzata right now. I graduated from the top Public Health Policy and Administration master’s program in the nation. I understand the critical intersection between the science, community health/well being, and how it impacts schools. I understand how policies get put it in action to reach the best outcomes for each student AND the community as a whole. And when that policy doesn’t work for us, I know how to get it changed.
  2. Because I will remain nonpartisan. Politics and various agendas have no place in our schools. Every solution should be evidence-based and the only motivation should be what is in the best interest of our students within our resources.
  3. I have a track record of leadership through community service. Serving my community is my way of life. Aside from my WPS volunteerism, I’ve been hard at work in the community for the past 18 years. Here are just a handful of highlights …
    • Current board member of The Neighborly Needs – Al Maa’uun in North Minneapolis for the past 12 years
    • Current Star Gala Committee member for the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota – 3 years
    • Former board member of the Institutional Review Board of Park Nicollet Hospital in St. Louis Park for 9 years
    • Former Co-initiator and organizer of a one-of-a-kind in the midwest summer day-camp at NWICC

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